miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010

Googled: Google prepping social search tool

“Googling Google” is going to be living up to its name this year — the first installment in the new series of investigative type posts reveals that Google is prepping a new tool that will unleash “Social Search”. Real-time search is only the first step, here’s what I’ve discovered about their future plans.

Some Background
Google reaches out to average users to help translate words and phrases into different languages. They usually do this for services that haven’t yet been released so they can launch in multiple languages.
The Dirt
While digging through their requests for translation, here’s some interesting phrases they are looking for:
English: More results from FRIEND_NAME
Description: For results on the search result page, This link will appear after the DisplayUrl. It leads to a set of results restricted to the specific friend who owns this result.
Description: A designation that a friend is a member of a particular site
English: Results from people in your social circle for QUERY
Description: A sentence indicating that these results belong to people who are in your social circle.
English: Learn more
Description: For results on the search result page, this link will appear after the heading of the Social Search section. The link will lead to a help page, at which the user can learn more about Social Search.

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