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Comunicación "Bidireccional" con Mkt Viral, Social Media y Web 2.0

Recientemete B2B NEWS publico un caso de exito talvez intencional o no pero si caso exito, de como la compañia "Verizon Wireless".

"Verizon Wireless" logro con paciencia y analítica maximizar su plataforma de comunicación para satisfacer las necesidades de comunicación de sus clientes y sus empleados convirtiendola en una herramienta superior de comunicación
Bidireccional efectiva y eficiente, esta es su historia y toda esta basada en el Marketing Viral, Redes Sociales y herramientas Web 2.0.
Last year, Verizon Wireless launched an online branded community to facilitate conversation and support the specific needs of its Enterprise Mobility Systems users. The customer user groups included the Trunked User Group and the Mobile Data User Group.
These two user groups previously came together once or twice a year in face-to-face meetings to discuss issues related to their mobile communications systems.
Once the meetings concluded, the issues tended to go into a black hole, simply because it was difficult to sustain the conversation and facilitate the necessary follow-up.
To help solve the problem, Verizon Wireless devised a sort of report card to better track issues and to demonstrate that some kind of action was taken. The issue was communicating the real results of such efforts.
Verizon Wireless was using an internal analytical tool that wasn't doing so good. It was designed mostly for purchasing, not for social networking. What it needed was a simple but efficient platform where both customers and Verizon Wireless itself could effectively communicate outside of its face-to-face meetings.
Verizon Wireless' platform has about 1,120 active customers so far, and has evolved into a long-term solution that serves as a virtual home outside of user group meetings. That branded online community has already exceeded expectations in terms of benefits, and the company appears satisfied with the results produced so far.
The platform also facilitates user-to-user idea sharing and ensures a better and 'real-time' two-way communication channel.
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